Best Buddies Building Community and Homebuyer Appeal in Nashville

Best Buddies Building Community and Homebuyer Appeal in Nashville

Best Buddies Building Community and Homebuyer Appeal in Nashville

ashley-cantley   Ashley Cantley
November 7, 2023   •   Local Market Insights

In the vibrant heart of Nashville, an inspiring transformation is taking place. Community members are coming together to make a profound impact, and the ripple effects extend beyond changing individual lives; they're reshaping the essence of neighborhoods, making them increasingly attractive to potential homebuyers. Haley Hatchell Heiche and Carolyn Meyer are two inseparable friends whose shared journey is a testament to friendship and the catalyst for this community change. They've not just changed lives; they've enhanced the allure of their neighborhood.

The Road Trip That Ignited a Friendship

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The story of Haley and Carolyn's friendship began with an epic road trip - Nashville to Tuscaloosa, where they went to watch the Tennessee-Alabama football showdown. There was just one catch: Carolyn was a staunch supporter of the Volunteers, while Haley, an Alabama grad, bled Crimson Tide.

Despite their opposing teams, that road trip was a launching pad for their friendship, which has blossomed since they first crossed paths in 2016. Their shared adventures have taken them to country concerts, Predators games, shopping escapades, church gatherings, and even a star-studded Big Brothers event in Massachusetts.

But the pinnacle of their shared experiences has been their role as national ambassadors for Best Buddies, an organization dedicated to forging connections between individuals with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities.

From a Simple Request to a Lifelong Bond

What's remarkable is that Haley and Carolyn didn't initially meet through the nonprofit. Instead, their journey began with a simple request. In 2016, both attended a young adult ministry at Brentwood Baptist Church. They exchanged friendly waves and greetings but hadn't truly connected.

Then, one day, following her workout at the Brentwood YMCA, Haley saw Carolyn at the front desk. An inexplicable urge prompted her to engage in a genuine conversation with this acquaintance from church. Carolyn wanted to make from with Haley, so she asked her for a ride to church.


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The Spark of Best Buddies

From the beginning of their friendship, Carolyn shared stories about Best Buddies - the joyous experiences, the extraordinary bonds formed through the organization, and the transformative impact it had on her life. Intrigued, Haley, aged 29, and Carolyn, aged 34, started attending Best Buddies events together.

At a Willie Nelson tribute concert in 2019, Haley decided to take their friendship to the next level. She asked Carolyn if they could officially become Best Buddies partners. Their designation as Best Buddies was confirmed on Valentine's Day, an occasion they mark yearly with a Galentine's get-together.

And their remarkable journey reached new heights when Carolyn played a special role in Haley's wedding

A Friendship that Knows No Bounds

In a world where community bonds are more vital than ever, Haley and Carolyn's friendship is an inspiring example of the incredible connections when community members connect. As a potential homebuyer, finding vibrant and supportive communities like Haley and Carolyn are part of is a great place to live and thrive.

Creating a More Desirable Community

Haley and Carolyn's active involvement in community initiatives, especially their partnership with Best Buddies, makes Nashville a desirable place to live. Homebuyers are attracted to neighborhoods where residents actively participate in making positive changes and fostering inclusivity. The community spirit they embody enhances the overall appeal of the area - here's how:

Increased Property Values

Property values tend to rise as communities thrive and become more sought-after due to their vibrant and inclusive nature. Homebuyers benefit from this appreciation in property values, which can translate into long-term financial gains. A strong sense of community and local involvement often drives up demand for homes, making them a wise investment choice.

Quality of Life Enhancement

Haley and Carolyn's involvement with Best Buddies emphasizes the importance of forging connections and creating supportive networks within the community. This commitment to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities contributes to an overall enhancement of the quality of life in Nashville. Homebuyers looking for a place that prioritizes inclusivity and community support will find these values deeply embedded in neighborhoods influenced by such initiatives.

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Haley Hatchell Heiche and Carolyn Meyer's involvement in Nashville's community is just one example of the community initiatives happening all around Nashville. These initiatives create more desirable neighborhoods with increased property values and a higher quality of life. Contact NAF Homes to be paired with a local agent who can guide you to finding the right home in the right neighborhood.




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