The Community Responsible for Cleveland Green Renaissance

The Community Responsible for Cleveland Green Renaissance

The Community Responsible for Cleveland Green Renaissance

ashley-cantley   Ashley Cantley
November 8, 2023   •   Lifestyle & Finance

Nestled in the Heart of the bustling Cleveland-Elyria is a small group responsible for the green renaissance. They're called the Heights Tree People, and they recently celebrated a monumental achievement: planting their 1,000th tree since the group’s inception four years ago. But it's not just about trees; it's about fostering community love, promoting sustainability, and creating a brighter, greener future for everyone in their community - an excellent sign for homebuyers looking to move to Cleveland.

Milestone Moment: The 1,000th Tree Takes Root in Cleveland Heights

On a crisp October 5th morning, a magnificent red oak found its new home inside the iconic Cleveland Heights High School Stadium at the bustling northeast corner of Cedar and Lee roads. Laura Marks, one of the passionate co-founders of Heights Tree People, addressed the eager crowd gathering assembled to commemorate this historic tree planting. With a warm smile, she explained that their actions come from love. She emphasized the importance of paying homage to the past while eagerly anticipating a future where this newly planted tree would provide essential shade and enhance the community's natural beauty.


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A Symbolic Location Steeped in History

This particular tree planting location held a special significance. Marks shared a fascinating piece of local history: her great-grandfather, Henry Caine, once championed the extension of the Cedar Road trolley nearby. However, the trolly faced resistance from some residents who cherished a magnificent Princeton elm tree that stood in the way. They changed the route to save the tree in a show of community spirit.

Rooted in Love: The Heights Tree People's Journey

The Heights Tree People, founded in 2019 by Bill Hanavan, Laura Marks, Margy Weinberg, and Sue Wolpert, aim to bring more greenery to their beloved community. They offer free tree plantings to anyone with a front yard or tree lawn in need. This beautiful journey began with planting five trees on Mother's Day, starting with a vibrant yellow birch. From these modest beginnings, their idea took root and quickly blossomed.

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